Solar X of the Palms

1. Solar X of the Palms

3640 Investment Ln #20, West Palm Beach, FL 33404

Welcome to Solar X of the Palms! Most 4dr Tint installations starting at $150 Residential and Commercial Tinting from $4-12 / sq foot. please call for an on site estimate. For over 30 years Solar X of the Palms has been professionally installing window tinting. LLumar automotive window films are

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Services: Formula One Film, 3M Film, Decorative Film, Tint Removal, Solar Gard Film, Madico Film, Marine Tinting, SunTek Film, Commercial Tinting, Automotive Tinting, Residential Tinting, UV Protection Film, Window Tinting, Vista Film, Safety Film, Huper Optik Film, Global Window Film, Johnson Film, Solar Film, Paint Protection Film, Anti-Graffiti Film, Llumar Film

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